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Soprano Slots Gratis

104 thoughts on “Soprano Slots Gratis

  1. We are going on sacred journey soon, so I thought I get shit faced and smash some Hoes before that.

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    #TRENDING_T0P 2021

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  3. Remembe when he was a officer in real life I remember some of those clips were so funny. You have these guys be like ohhh damn steven seagal, it is a truly and honor and pleasure to get arrested by you.

  4. I actually like Seagall movies , its not only about ass kicking , but you can learn some life lessons too

  5. I like the bar owner, KNOWING Seagal is gonna bust her place up and stick her with the repair bills again.

  6. If i know one or more guys cant beat him up wat chance do i have i would just walk the fuck out or apologise

  7. Ok Man No 43, your part is real simple. Youve just got to say the line ah, my nuts.

  8. – What does it take?
    – What does it take to change the essence of a man ?
    – I need time to change, time.
    – I do too, I do too…

    1. @Robison Luiz,
      We dont need you to quote word for what weve just seen in the movie clip.
      If we want to see the words well click on subtitles.

  9. That halibut man also had gas. He was the same guy that went after Loyd and harry from dumb and dumber.

  10. Whenever you see these fights in a movie like this, you have the hero, up against 12 or more guys, and they always attack one at a time, lol. In real life, thats not the way its going to happen.

  11. Not good film. Poor camera angles and directing. Hideous acting. Very not exciting martial arts. Total loser scene, accenting Seagals narcissistic ego.

  12. LOL 7th dan Akido that is what in the real worlds white belt in Karate Akido is a joke. As for the Myth eerrr man.. he is a fing dick. if you idiolize a dick you need help yourself.

  13. They only thing I love about his movies is when bad guys get thrown into tables and glass windows.

  14. After playing paddycakes and losing, Halibut Man went on to use his big balls to defend the weak… but it took time (sob)

  15. In reality Id imagine challenging a bar room thug to a hand slap game and then asking him What does it take to change the essence of a man? would quickly result in some dude smashing a chair over your head and you waking up in a dumpster

  16. The essence of a man……is finding Richie. After housebreaking a good ole boy

  17. This scene is soooo funny. I guess that Bully learned his lesson! I cant help but laugh every time I watch this.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Thats not how you play the hand-slap game… Lol. As an aside, the amount of ikea furniture in that place is crazy!

  19. He had some good low budget movies and he made a movie with x . He’s alright I guess

  20. So seagal kicking your ass sends you on another spiritual level damn 🤔

  21. The director said Steven in this scene just act like you do to the cast and crew and they filmed it.

  22. This is a shitty fighting, keeanu reeves and Tom cruse can fight better than this fatty

  23. The guy screaming MY NUTS! at the top of his lungs is the only part I remembered about this movie.

  24. @4:00

    I beat the crap out of you and almost killed you. Now, lets take a moment to reflect on life and its essence.

  25. Segal doesnt physically,
    what Jordan Peterson does interlectually to opponents.

  26. Then Stone Cold shows up, whips his ass and stuns Seagal and makes the natives knit him a blanket while drinking a Steveweiser over Seagals fat, trembling broken body.

  27. We all need time to change. Dont take to long time is finite for us all. Just something to think about you know what Im saying.

  28. You know something? I believe Kangaroos would be quite good at this game. But I know theyd beat you at the handslap game.

  29. God, I love to watch him fight, just him, with no stunt doubles, etc!!!!!


    однако я люблю таких рыбаков..

  31. That’s disgusting what is that, Halibut?
    Maybe he ate that at Maggie’s in Valdez!

  32. What does it take? What does it take to change the essence of a man?

  33. I dont wanna play with Cupcake, but I do now need some Hostess.

  34. Actually an ass kickin is all it really takes to change a man …now …anybody seen Ritchie…

  35. I used to enjoy Seagal before learning from several sources, (actors who worked with him) what hes really like. It seems hes burned a lot of bridges and made himself unwelcome on many fronts. Too bad. He had a good thing going at one time.

  36. Yes because anyone that’s going to cut you with a knife always yells “I’ll cut you!!” Right before they do it.

  37. Seagal is a worm, just kick the egomaniac in the balls and move on.

  38. What does it take to change the essence of a man?. Anybody seen Richie? Why did Richie do Bobby Lupo?

  39. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– i got Free Gift Cards from 💜 HOTLOVE.UNO 💜

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  41. Imagine if this hand slap game went 20 more rounds
    Guy: uhhhh where am I?🥴
    Forrest: put your fukin hands up! 🤲
    Boom bam boom boom smack crunch 😵

  42. Sometimes if not often humiliation (followed up with a game of slaps) can make anyone see their mistakes, one hopes that they learn from said humiliation and makes those changes quickly.. If not, things will just get worse..

    What Forrest Taft (Seagal) did for his native pal (Drunken Eskimo-Jules Desjarlais) was awesome, He stood up for a man (who couldnt stand up for himself) that use to be a thing in this country, if not around this world.

    Eventually the World as we know it will change if it hasnt already, shit is getting bad, even the China made virus (4th time we know they did this since 1968 per history) hasnt stopped and has mutated yet again.. Hell polar caps are melting fast, and Corporations/Governments only care about $$ and forget about good ole fashion service..

    No people/no workers/no consumers=no money..

    Look at Walmart for example, when Sam Walton was told NO by many vendors, he figured a way to become Seagal of his era time, and took out/out lasted (over time) Kmart, Toys R Us, Service Merchandise, Montgomery Ward, Sears and many more…

    He (Walton) believed in good ole fashion customer service.. Something that has been lost through out time, aka respect for the consumer(s).

    Now he (Walton) is gone, and look who became the New/Stronger variation of Seagal/Walton/Walmart Amazon..

    Sooner or later those who stand in line (long lines that is) to pay and bag their own purchases will eventually say the hell with this and or Walmarts not paying me to stand here to scan, bag and then pay for my intended purchases and just walk out and or go some where else and spend more $$ for better service.

    My pops once said dont make me go across the street and spend more money for better service, cause Ill do it

    In other words Walmart and other big box stores better figure out how to get that essence back real quickly, or they will soon become that guy on the floor and suffer the same fate as those others in the past, awhile Amazon, Ebay, and other online retailers kick that ass.

  43. What I HATE about Steven Seagals fight scenes was that he rarely, if ever, got hit.

    1. And all he can do is kick or squeeze balls what a girl hes nothing in real life

  44. Youd think, the first time someone touches him and he breaks all of their arms, theyd stop coming. They never do lol.

  45. I dont know whether to give this a thumbs up or down. I mean, this scene is funny as fuck, but completely unintentionally. As is the whole movie.

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