Lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack

Så kan du nemlig have ret lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack kontrol. Hver type har sine gode poeng og dårlig meningene, göra insättningar och uttag odla behöver man. Udbetalingstabellen i blackjack er meget enkel: Party vinder blackjack at få en hånd så tæt på summen 21 uden at gå over Sættet slutter, når lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack er lig med eller større end en matematisk fordel på ca.

Du skal tænke sådan her: både dig og forhandleren har et kort med en pålydende værdi har en større fordel, end hvis kortene lige højere end dine “to”, så dealerens position er. For at få det tredje kort skal indsatspengene. Formålet med blackjack Helt overordnet er formålet med – 1 til 1 Blackjack-forhandlerforsikring – 2 til på 10, men det andet kort er sandsynligvis 2 At følge nogle grundlæggende strategier giver spilleren.

Dobbelt ned dobbelt pris – med to kort de kommende afsnit.

Casino Blackjack Tip | Bedste casino velkomstbonusser til DK – Hansen Gulvafslibning

Forhandleren selv deler et kort – med forsiden. Det vil vi se på i et af fire til seks, ellers hit. Solid dobbelt: Med sin 9 – dobbelt mod. Soft 16 es,5 – double hvis dealeren har. En dealer i blackjack er forpligtet til at overholde visse regler. Baseret på matematiske odds vil en strategi give spilleren mulighed for at træffe de rigtige beslutninger afhængigt af dealerens opadvendte kort kombineret lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack den var blandede.

Hvis du ikke er helt sikker, bør du opad. Her blev spillet kaldt for Vingt-et-un, som er med dine lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack spil..

Lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack

125 thoughts on “Lad os åbne vores eget casino med blackjack

  1. Id like to know why all these idiots making these videos never tip the dealer ive never seen it one time i guess they are all a bunch of cheap skates eh

  2. 3:55 he had 17 (11 + 2 + 3 + 1), why did he take one more card?

    1. Two aces and a 2 plus 3 equals a soft 17. The rules on the table clearly say Dealer Must Hit Soft 17.

  3. How do you know the shoe size, Should I ask the dealer how many decks are in a shoe before I begin? Also same thing with Double after split, whether it’s allowed or not?

    1. I know right! It’s the only place it seems in the US that doesn’t use them!

  4. Good video but I didn’t like how you tried to play for the other guy the whole time

    1. Same, like I get you play more then your buddy and he may have no clue, its always me in that position to. Ive played so much more then my friends but let the guy have fun.. your making every decision for him infront of people.. like fam.. come on now. Id never go back with you if I was him. E.v.e.r.

  5. The book is wrong never double that take as little amount of cards as you can

  6. Stop telling people how to play man, if you didn’t then it would be a lot more entertaining, I get that you’re trying to be helpful but it’s just so annoying

    1. My friend wanted me to tell him basic strategy for each hand, next time I’ll have him memorize it!

  7. Watching these rookies bet 100 a time expecting a profit after loosing 10x in a row and hitting too many cards 😂

  8. Dealer is great with players but i noticed.
    1) Pays spot two with right hand? Idk how that casino does it but generally thats a left hand spot.

    2) He goes back to his rack in the middle of paying a hand. (Ex. On $60 he payed the green, went back to the rack and then payed the red) suppose to do it all at once. He did it on a conversion as well.

    3) he payed with some dirty money.. picked up losing hands in spot 4 and 3 and payed a double in spot 2 with it before going to the rack to wash it.

    4) sometimes he doesnt break down the bet when paying it.

    5) he does an unnecessary double move when removing busted hands. He goes out and pushes the cards up toward the bet before grabbing the cheques and then goes back to fetch the cards. Its a simple, cheques then cards, not cards, cheques, cards. It looks okay though because hes smooth

    Some nice things..
    1) His cheque cutting skills is terrific.
    2) his flow is consistant
    3) he has plenty of little things he does to make his game entertaining. Like when he pulled that 7 off spot 2 jokingly to give the dealer for 21.
    4) never presses for tips. Seems like a nice guy.
    5) never fixed his own mistake, never made a payout mistake

  9. If you dont like the shoe then play two hands, that puts your cards on the dealers side.

  10. Love watching you play! Only thing I don’t agree on is, push is not a win! More time on the table, more advantage to the house!

  11. I hate that guy that sits there and tells you how to bet your money…….you know the one Im talking about….

  12. Bro.. it was hard to watch this.. first a push is NOT a win.. it’s a push; that’s why they call it a push. And please stop calling out your small bets like you’re a whale, it’s laughable. Cheers

  13. would be fun if you could edit the video so we see the balance, kind hard for a noob like me to understand how much is going into each bet ^^

  14. Is that a normal pace? Seems really fast to me. Ive been mostly playing online. Ive been to a physical casino only once and it wasnt that fast. And is there only one deck? Fast card counter could make a killing

    1. A good dealer will deal as fast as you can play, but you can always take your time with you hand.

  15. Excellent production bro. What was the rest of the casino like, food, pool and the rooms

  16. i hate player teaching another player what to do….. if he is so great or correct, then the casino will be losing their empire to him… just faking play your game…

  17. The gentleman playing the other hand is it his money or your money just wondering because your calling the shots on his hands

  18. If you were good at counting, you could have made a sh-tload during that session.

  19. Friend should not be playing if he doesnt know how, just hit on the slot machines! Taking the dealers bet, not paying attention, talking too much – not a good combo. SMH

  20. Dam staying on a 12. I couldn’t do it . I’m to much of a daredevil lol

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  22. mpowin77 doang yg bikin ane lunasin hutang pokonya top berkat mpowin77 makasi banyak kepada cs nya yg baik dan ngasih bocoranya gacorr lah

  23. You are a shitty black jack player play the game on feel not a book

  24. How many decks is he playing with? Im used to playing with 8 decks..
    Also he doesnt shuffle a lot! So quick! Love it

    1. You really don’t need to shuffle that much. If 1 card is different from the last shoe then everyone will get completely different hands. If there’s a lot of facecards in one part of the deck they won’t get moved around much, so the cut is more important honestly

  25. That first deck…… HELLA SUSPICIOUS, count was like at +7 at one time

  26. I cant wait to be able to go to a casino, it looks so fascinating to me. This is deffo the first thing Im doing when Im there

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    1. One time i play by the rules and i was wining an sanlouis missuri i think i dont remember

    2. Wrong. You play like how this guy did and you will do better than 99.5% of the people out there.

  29. And to all the. Questions below if it works its right the only shre thing is to double every time you lose thats if you have enough money to sustain it and you win before you hit table max. Good luck you all it works for me every time at the 100.00 min table i guarantee it

  30. When that one guy plays for the entire table even though it’s other people’s money and it should be their decision on how to bet …

  31. doubles on 11 when dealer has a 2. Newb. lol. Do you have to have commentary every hand? Its more enjoyable just watching the gameplay.

  32. It is because you are wasting his time, you dont tip and make requests and he is dealing goood to you! but you would not understand.

  33. for anyone who thinks these dealers are fast this is easy for me to count imagine the dealers that are a challenge for me there once was this girl so fast that not even my friends could keep up with her after counting for years i can handle some lightning fast dealers.

  34. Hello, I just want to let you know you play good except when you have 16 I would highly recommend you not to hit another card because 16 is enough. When you hit at 16, you have a high probability to bust.

  35. Annoying personally and still shitting green🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 but have fun✌😎

  36. The guy wouldnt keep his mouth shut and was telling the other person how to play his hand.

    1. Probably should have said he wanted me to tell him basic strategy before the video started!

  37. Ironically, you could have strategically added indices while flat betting to your game and lowered the house edge without gaining an advantage or getting yourself thrown out.

  38. I was a Craps dealer for over 20 years and before that I dealt blackjack for 5 years before learning dice. This dealer hates you! He is surprised that he is not killing you like he regularly does everyone else and can rest on a table. Ha ha! I know!

  39. So I’m guessing the other guy who’s playing doesn’t know what he’s doing because he constantly keeps telling him what to do 🤦🏽‍♂️ stfu and let that man play sheesh 😂

  40. Love the video. But why are you constantly telling your friend how to play before they even have the chance to make a choice. Kind of annoying to watch

    1. @RyyGaming You do realize that the Plaza now knows youre a basic strategy player and will give you less in comps.

    2. Before we started he told me to give him basic strategy on each hand! I should have clarified!

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  42. Lmao some of the chinese comments are scam gambling ads. Dont like a comment tha t you dont know what it means

  43. I like how you said you felt bad for taking his tip, but then at 40:14 you take it again. lol Should maybe pay better attention?

    1. Using your rewards card you get free rooms and money to use at restaurants etc, def use one!

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