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Amerikanske online casinoer er tilladt

249 thoughts on “Amerikanske online casinoer er tilladt

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS you. Like I said. Having respect doesnt mean you have to be giving them info or doing something wrong

  1. Having technical difficulties at a time of important questioning lol haha jk

  2. Little Dave is a little dry dry snitcher imagine how imagine how he is off the record

  3. In the video he cried to his wife he would get drug help , did he? He sounded hella high on that phone call to his wife on that video
    I’m just saying because getting high at that high of rank and level probably could make some fucked up decisions that would affect the club that kind of seemed of the tone of his wife during that call

  4. Exposing paperwork isnt snitching, thats looking out for the next man so he doesnt get burned.

    1. Lil Joe is not being heard and its all being hush hush because of $$ so hes doing what he has to

    2. What WIldon2 was getting at was it shouldve been exposed in house and not on the internet

  5. 1st, years ago, Hollywood claimed Aging Rebel was a snitch. Recently, Lil Dave praised Rebel for giving him the ISP of Bobby Dee. At the time I took Rebels side and thought Insane Throttle was a rat. Now, I know that, without paperwork or 1st hand knowledge, everything is not what it appears; without paperwork or 1st hand knowledge. So, Rebel having Lil Daves back, is nothing to build a case on.

  6. I think lil dave is a liar, my opinion is he has been a president and an informant.

  7. Bobby D is paying money and of course the club is going to look the other way. On the other hand the FBI is not finished with the club and lil Joe is the only one who knows how to get then through it. But hey if they dont think hes important in this aspect?…Fuck it. Shame on the club

    1. Watch mon 7pmcst and see if that is a correct statement

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS I was wondering in the interview if money was coming up short how did the regional and national treasure not notice that

    1. Thanks for the interview Im a fan of Lil Dave seems like a stand up guy

  8. I find it cool the mongols mc was created in Montebello the city I was born in and what they represented respect!

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS great stuff Brother, always enjoy your shows… anytime I cant figure out what to watch, I jump on here & find one of yours Ive not yet seen… Keep on keeping on Brother 🤜🏻🤛🏼

  9. How the fuck is putting paperwork out rating at the end when wildon2s said eye for eye reference. Exposing someones paper work is not rating.

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS Got you. This whole situation should of been in house turned out to be a shit show and Mongols deserve better then this.

    2. Ot was done in a public forum is what he was getting at

  10. Didn’t little Dave have Roger Piney beaten for running against him? Something I heard!

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS that was karma, Roger Piney would have been a dam good president!

  11. Thank you for letting Lil Dave to explain his side of the story. He comes with FACTS.

    1. @perry hart Well when the other side decides to stand up and tell their side maybe we will listen. However, I see his side, and understand. I have never met a Mongol MC member, although I have been through the mill with other MCs and if you have been through these guys for over 40 years you would be more understanding too. But I speak with a pussy between my legs and never been a church going ol lady. #RockOn

  12. Fine line with the snitch thing but in this it seems lill Dave is just proving himself with the actual paperwork from the screws .. it shows the involved …what gets me is that nobody else in his club did any deep diving to get the facts or accepted this esp if they seen these same papers?? Hope they can resolve this ,,13 years is definitely committed so that should count for something ✌️rock on🤝

    1. You got a point there, whos to say they didnt… perhaps, they know far more about it all, but the co-op of Bobby D; isnt that no matter simple or complicated, against the street code PERIOD? So, Bobby D boots, in my opinion… Lil Dave, unless they know more, that we dont… Id cut ties, but not out bad for him… but, we dont know what they know, and unlike Dave & D info here…well never know, unless youre a Mongol anyhow…

    1. Hollywood hope your well & enjoying some nice fall weather — I would assume taking a nice ride in the fall & seeing the leaves changing must be pretty nice– now with this interview — you know the deal 3 sides to every story #1 his side #2 there side & #3 THE TRUTH– THATS USUALLY PARTS OF ALL 3.

    2. It sounded like you were having communications with a person named in the paperwork that Lil Dave produced. And even answered a phone call from this person. Will you be elaborating on the communication? Is this person going to be interviewed? Or is this the end of this topic as you stated.

  13. Yea I watched all the interviews and yes I have my opinions
    BUT! That I will keep to my self

  14. I noticed Lil Daves eyes move from side to side a lot when he talks. I dont know but that kinda of makes me not trust someone.

  15. Real outlaw motorcycle culture is officially dead. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
    Whats next ? Drag queens joining MCs ?

  16. Dave needs to get a 9-5 and just stop. It’s embarrassing. Excellent interview

    1. When your a National President for a1%er Mongol biker club ! Your going to defend yourself… against whoever !! He is in all his right to continue to defend himself! Nothing wrong with that shit!!

  17. Hey, Dave just needs to end it on his end. Take the kick out and keep it moving. You got out easy. Take the L and keep on moving BC going on to all these shows makes him look foolish in all honesty. We all saw the video. You own a bails bond company so paper work is easy to make up for him.

  18. All due respect @WildOn2s , you never talked to the Prosecutors. Good on you…But you also, was never an International President on ONE OF the biggest RICO cases in club history. But… idk shit , #RockOn. May the Truth Prevail!!!

    1. Sad State of Affairs Hollywood!!
      My best regards to the MONGOLS MC , as well as LIL DAVE. Sucks it had to come to this but what r ya gonna do ya know ! It is what it is ..:

  19. Lil Dave just opened up a new can of worms by going on social media and talking club business! He needs to be extra careful and make sure he don’t get caught slippin cause this not the right way to do this!

    1. Allegedly he tried to get this fixed in house but the club didnt give him his day in court, again allegedly.

    2. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS I personally am not a supporter but I see what you’re saying with the history. Lil Dave should’ve just waited it out, let things cool the fuck down, and then ask for his day to explain. Going to social media, especially on 2 different platforms and talking to 1000’s of viewers about shit that needs to stay in the club. Why does he need to explain to us? Unfortunately he fucked up now and it’s sad! Good interview Hollywood….⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! 👊🏻🤘🏻

    3. I feel for the Mongols because they are a good club with a lot of history

  20. Lil Dave was done wrong from looking at the black and white as in paper work

  21. This could honestly be turned into a mini-series or documentary and would be insanely popular!

  22. i dont know Hollywood as far i can see this guy has been shystered.

  23. In the first video he had with American Cholo he was mad because the video was shared with street guys and now he is trying to push street rules onto the promoter.. Not giving a pass to the promoter, if true, decisions should be kept in house. People cant have it both ways, your either playing by civilian rules or street rules..

  24. Former IP putting club business out there for everyone else who are not 1%ers doesnt make sense. To try tojustify it by saying some are smearing your name within the club. Its politics aint nothing new. Maybe Bobby D is a snitch aka telling. But you telling club business. Ill stick to roller blading

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS yeah but you know the deal bro. We all understand respect man youre doing a great job out there.

    2. @MissT my thinking too. hes going down that dark tunnel of fat Petes better school.

  25. Hollywood, If what little Dave said really happened to him. To his cabinet he was never really the National President . The leadership completely disregarded his position and any authority he had as the NP. They threw him under the bus big time. The fact that he never got his day in court to prove his innocents shows what and how they felt about him. Hopefully this case was isolated and not the norm for the MC culture.

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS Good to know , it would be horrible for the culture if what happened to Lil Dave a National President was part of how clubs conducted there issues. Thanks Big Mex

  26. great show, strange interview better then watching
    Jerry Springer reruns .

  27. Its the money 💵💰💵💰 BOBBY DEE presents PAYS well but let see what happens when the food stops

  28. Motorcycle clubs have evolved into snitches and bitches (male and female).

  29. Look as a former 1%er in a big 4 club on the east coast. Im also retired in good standing depending on who you ask. But Lil Dave needs to just take his L and move on with his life. Spend as much time with his family run his bail bond business and just ride his bike independent and enjoy the open road. Screw all the club politics and drama. Move on bro.

    1. I personally dont think he has intentions of being P again or just a regular member. I think he just wants to clear his nane and get that outbad over turned. But I do agree with you be an independent and enjoy the open road.

    2. thats easy for you to say he is clearing his name kick back so he can ride the open road

  30. You know I hate to say it but I predicted Docs downfall… I mean everytime u seen the guy he had a sugar burger
    Kilo rails

  31. You guys are potentially the worst interviewers Ive ever heard. American Cholo was so much better

    1. @Tricky Foxx Fuckem all but 6, my1st generation Grandfather said that over 50 yrs. Ago!!! Gotta love it

    2. Lmao really them dudes was scared to ask crap or call him out on stuff he was saying it wasnt an interview they just let dude flap and that was it. I actually considered the mongols then found out they want you to have a job and all kinds of other crap and lil Dave kicked out all the trouble makers outlaws do outlaw shit screw clubs with doctors and lawyers in it though one or 2 guys like that is handy but not when your clubs full of them. Rather be in a club with 5 I know well than a big 4 with 200 brothers I never met and with all this crap with Dave you can see what 200 brothers will get you when it only take 6 to carry you

    3. See yeah- Youre the one who thinks 1%ers should respect cops. Youre far from someone I would listen to

  32. I think he should have been out for the casino get down. As for this other stuff he should have not had anything to say to ciccone whether or not his brothers were around or not. Cops and das are allowed to lie legally to throw you in the trick bag.
    It needs to go back to riding and working on your scoots, parties, and your bros. Dave needs to call it a day and move on

  33. Don’t really know much about mc business but in my world I have zero reasons to shoot the shit with any fed of any kind. Maybe clubs are different

  34. I yousto look at this club and think wow thats real brotherhood but now Im really disappointed in it , I just dont feel wether guilty or not of anything or everything hes getting a fair deal especially after 25 years in , do they not have bi laws? I thought there was a process as far as kicking people out. Doesnt seem like a brotherhood anymore

    1. Watch Mondays video at 7pmcst and u will get ur answer

  35. Good to see grown men putting differences aside, and providing entertainment.

  36. “That’s how WE got them in” @42:17 talking about informants, then quickly says “that’s how HE got them in” seems dicey..great interview you didn’t softball any questions.

    1. Thanks Boxing- Monday I go over the allegations against Bobby D

  37. 2nd, Harrahs in Laughlin. Sonny Barger ambushed the Mongols. Its called an L-Shaped Ambush. In the videos, look at the shape of the bar; its an L shape. In an L shaped Ambush, you block the head of the enemy (column) with 1 force and then you hit them with your 2nd force from the side or rear. The head of the Mongols, Roger Ram Jet, was at the end of the bar talking to the 1st group of Hells Angels. Back around the bend of the bar or L, the 2nd group of Hells Angels came in the front door and hit the Mongols in the rear. Sonny Barger is a U.S. Army Veteran. If anyone could pull it off, he could. Ask Jesse Ventura.

  38. All I have to say is, coming on the internet to discuss a clubs issue is just not right. He should of chilled and deal with club, win or lose.

    1. I agree… but at the same time this guy was the national president head you cant get higher than him for 13 years and then all the sudden they dont give this man a chance to even speak his side or anything they dont give him his say in church or they dont give him a vote nothing.. and if there is a video of me out there like that I would damn sure want the context and people to understand what was happening

  39. Awesome show Hollywood!!! Things have just changed so much man that clubs are handling shit on social media. The only one who wins when this goes on is the Feds they will use whatever is said on brothers and future brothers because they will manipulate all of this to hurt the club. LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  40. Paperwork is the most important in our world. If its written in black and white theres no lying when you have paperwork and case numbers. Bobby Dee comes out as the BIGGEST RAT 🐀 and its crazy how the Club is not acting out and taking care of that according to the rules. Lil Dave team on mines.

    1. Watch mon at 7 and see if thats what u think afterwords

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS I wouldnt want to be part of any brotherhood where they tell on each other. God bless.

  41. Hollywood Much Luv and Respects for having Lil Dave on your platform. SYLM

  42. Im am more than pleased that this interview with Lil Dave is taking place here…Ive viewed the other and honestly tired of his mixes advise and being an I agree to all in viewers despite conflicting comments..Your top dog in my book and will subscribe!

  43. Nope, it aint none of mine. However, beins the former I.P. is doing the talk show circuit, I feel theres an elephant in
    the room. In the phone call video I believe he says something along the lines of John being gone in a year and
    no longer around to protect him. Has that statement been addressed and I missed it?

    1. It would have been nice if the paperwork was in order. WTF?
      It looks to me like Bobby D was a patsy and getting his balls squeezed by pharma dude.
      Eye for an eye? Heh.

      BTW, not redacting that phone number wasnt cool.

      Okay, Im done with this drama. Ive wrenching to do.

    2. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS You play the phone clip at about 34:04. Your question was about the ol lady
      talking to John. He says he doesnt recall, No idea. I didnt hear anyone ask him what he meant by, Hes
      done in one year… and he cant protect me so we have to have an exit strategy. But then, it appears he
      doesnt remember. Whatever.

      Ive some downtime right now. Maybe Ill go read those documents (shrug).

  44. Awesome interview. I applaud you for giving this man a chance to fight for the integrity of his character. If someone was smutting you up, what would you do? I get it.

    1. @Vincent galicia not true, one of the brothers uploaded the video. The wife sent it to a brother and that dude shared it online. Get the full story first

    2. His wife smut him up. Literally, no brother has talked about this in a public forum

  45. Myself, I see smoke, I extinguish… just saying, Firefighter in me 🤪👍🏻 put it out, go home wait for the next tone to ring out… Dave seems legit, sucks he got painted this way… but, again Id just distance from him, Bobby D, & any others played out in this drama… if you will…

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS cool deal Ill lock a reminder in

  46. Hard to call..videos/ paperwork, cooperating/ not cooperating..I think Daves a victim of internal politics. Luckily I never had to deal with the feds..& if I had to Id try to be cordial too..saying Fuck You Pig wont win you any brownie points..Shaggys Death Of A 1%er podcast summed it up on this whole thing. It sucks cuz I like Lil Dave.

    1. Video on Monday at 7pmcst- Bobby Ds Files- Will find it interesting

  47. 3rd, Doc Cavazos was never in the Army. According him, the Mongols need at least a week or better yet, a month of covert surveillance before they even wipe their ass. Sonny was. If you say the H.A. couldnt have thrown an L-Shaped Ambush at Harrahs because Roger Ram Jet had just moved the Mongols from the H.A. Tropicana Hotel to Harrahs that very night, you dont know what youre talking about. Its known as the Hasty Ambush. Sonny knows and so does Jesse. Lil Dave is a civilian and doesnt get it. I feel sorry for him.

  48. Insane throttle, come on bro, lil Dave fucked up on what he told his wife!!!! Now hes trying to put it on someone else?? Just saying 🤔

    1. @Insane Throttle BIKER NEWS been trying to find them. To join the nation

  49. Dave, you were voted Out Bad for the third time in your career.
    “Take your medicine and move on…

    1. Very True- Ill be covering the other side Monday at 7pmcst

  50. Lil Dave is not a rat hes trying to clear his name fight fire with fire but making a bigger fire

  51. Great show as always. Much respect to all of you and hope Dave has great success in all his future endeavors!!

  52. Lil Dave just take ur Place an position back . An get rid of all the rats in the house

    1. interesting- Do you think he has the ability to go against the clubs wishes

  53. Did anybody consider this to be bigger than what your being told. A fed charge, maybe a mongols informant turned president? They bring down clubs with guys like that.

  54. Daves wife is lucky she didnt get her husband killed releasing that video. Thats a dangerous game she played and he is lucky to be alive.

    1. @RANDY_LAHEY.. That would bring way too much Heat down on the club if either one of them were killed, why would they ever want that when they can just out bad him.

    2. I like lil dave n i think he is actually in the right.. But with that being said im suprised him and his wife didnt get wacked just to stop all this shit n. Podcast n stuff.. N also the person who originally uploaded the video to the internet and put Club business involving the national president on the internet should also be whacked or at the very least out bad

  55. Insane throttle you had a amazing show ..the words Live Mongrol Die Mongrol is so powerful .. today I beat my charges in court ..there was no rat ..just me on the block .,I knew what was said and who i said it too and when the judge said Sir I have no paperwork and neither did anyone else and was told I could leave ..I might of said LM DM #Rockon Everyone

  56. My opinion doesnt matter. I think Dave is lucky to have a 13 year run as president international I mean and he is still relatively young and not locked up or killed. I would count this as a Win and move on. Take your lumps and it was a thankless job and now you see even clearer now. Enjoy the rest of your life. Dont be surprised if this is a blessing and in some years the guys that went against him could end up in prison forever and he could of been the target if this didnt happen. Think about it

  57. After vid put out on him, what choice did he have? Remain silent and whack dude, was his only other choice… obviously, he does that, hes done… So, I can understand him exposing dude. Hes doing the world a favor, if you will…

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