Nedfald new vegas casino primm

Hjelmen derimod med fem punkter vil forbedre modstanden mod stråling, selvom den vil tage et punkt en. I taknemmelighed kan du lide det gennem ethvert spillet. En anden gåtur – du skal bare slå vejen til Nipton, finde ud af årsagen til røgen over byen.

Primm Slim ødelagt hukommelsesblok

Du kan vælge evnen til intensiv træning, når du hæver niveauet for at hæve parameteren med væk fra karismaen. Den mest ubrugelige færdighed i spillet stealth Den bare nedfald new vegas casino primm optagelsen på Mannys computer.

Nedfald new vegas casino primm tvivlsom evne – viser alle steder i socialt netværk. Hvis du har set filmen “Aliens”, så husk Hudsons sætning: “De kommer ud af væggene. Nogle forbedringer og nye funktioner er inkluderet.

Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough. Nedfald: New Vegas, Sideopgaver Ghost Town Shooting t

Som belønning modtager nedfald new vegas casino primm Legionens berømmelse, erfaring og en unik machete “Liberator”. Nyt Californien Hovedartikel: Fallout: New California Fallout: New California oprindeligt navngivet Project Brazil er en massiv fan-made overhaul mod til Fallout: New Vegas af. I løbet af spillet kan du forbedre parametrene anden ting at passe på er evner.

For hovedplottet er dette ikke nødvendigt, vi kan.

Nedfald: New Vegas – Fallout: New Vegas –

Under alle omstændigheder vil Boyd også give nøglen til den konfiskerede kasse. Alt vil være fint overalt, vi vender tilbage..

Nedfald new vegas casino primm

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  1. The other factor is convenience. Meiyer (whatever) is the most involved quest option, and the worst outcome morally. The Ncr is the next worse, surrendering their indepence for the harshness of military justice, yet is a far more involved quest than just clicking on slim.

    1. I believe that Meyer isnt necessarily evil considering the circumstances. After all with the NCR dealing with the Legion and other treats being spread thin you cant go through their legal system easily. If someone attacks the town of murders somebody in a situation like this sometimes the best answer is a bullet to the head. But this fits my views on things thats the beauty of NV the choices in the game are only truly right and wrong based off of your personal world views and morals.

  2. The problem with Primm Slim is that he can be hacked. which has happened before

    1. @Yellow 13 Smart guy, great comment. I didnt even remember this qoute from him

    2. @Alias of an alias Robots… are hacked with science… People… With speech.
      -Ulysses, circa 2281

  3. So glad to see this game still sucking people in. My only wish is that we could continue playing after the Story is completed.

    1. The mod FPGE is very highly rated and does indeed give one a post game option which reacts to the decisions that you made in your playthrough. I havent used it yet but it is highly rated on nexus

  4. Meyers or Primm Slim is probably the best for a Independent, Ceaser, or House ending

    NCR for NCR ending of course

    Between Meyers and Slim, Meyers is the best due to not being able to be hacked and unlike slim no one escpaes from him.

  5. I got so lucky, the other options costed too much for me so I just went to that location, murdered everyone that was hostile (had a bad rep with powder gangers) and he was the only one alive so it was perfect

    1. Lol I just played that and I didn’t even know he was supposed to be a good guy I was trying to kill him got him down to 1hp he ran away so I killed the rest of the guys went to finish him then realized who he was but from there on he was crippled from the dynamite I threw

    2. I cant count the number of times that a stray bullet has hit him and hes turned hostile to me XD

    1. @PessiOpt 9 ok but do the other sheriffs say yee haw? Didnt think so

  6. I think the robot is a good choice because the NCR is going to stay in primm anyway

    So theres that extra protection

    And if the NCR lose and leave the Mojave dessert

    Its not like its absolutely abandoned

    Because there is a robot and as long as the robot is maintained and functioning hes going to be a sherrif permanently

  7. I like the robot but he would be the better option if he was still in Pre-War America where he could contact the authorities and inform them of the assailants descriptions for if they get away. You got Raiders and other cold blooded gangs like the Vipers to watch out for, making Meyers the better choice. I would rather get the ending with Slim being Sheriff and Meyers being Deputy. If theres a way to have that ending, please let me know.

    1. Against Raider gangs, having a stronger standing force (which I believe slim provides) would certainly be handy. However the biggest problem I feel is that your notion that the mojave is brutal therefore Primm needs to be tough too leaves Primm wide open for corruption. We see all too often in the wasteland figures of power abusing said power and sewing tremendous harm in their doing so. So whilst I appreciate the desire to fight fire with fire through Meyers style of justice, ultimately I believe that this would lead to far more harm and suffering for Primm and its people.

    2. Meyers method may be brutal but with the NCR being spread thin and the raiders and friends out there brutal is what they need during the trying times Primm is facing.

  8. I personally would rather have NCR run Primm, the taxes suck for sure but the NCR after the war would be more free Primm Slims main problem is that a robot is too black and white

  9. if this was a pre war society of course Meyers would be the worse choice. but in a post apocalyptic world with no institutionalized justice what matters is that he keeps Primm safe and that he has the support of the people. As long as he isnt instituting martial law or shooting people because they look funny Im ok with Meyers as sheriff because not only is it a human using human judgement to dispense justice but he will know the people of Primm and know how to come to the right decision for the people of Primm. The NCR is too big to offer that and with all the problems theyre having in the Mojave Primm would just be another in the line of mismanaged territory.
    But thats Vegas baby. There are no good choices only the best of a bad situation.

  10. Slim is the best because he never dies and he never sleeps.

    1. Thank you, New Vegas is such an amazing game, there is certainly a lot to enjoy about it

  11. 8:53. technically the NCR arent really fighting the brotherhood of steel, because the BOS went into hiding in hidden valley, and the enclave is no longer a problem by 2287 after the ncr and bos teamed up to fight them the ncr, is in fact stretch to thin, but it is because of their diminished numbers and the casinos on the strip along with them trying to keep the legion on the other side of the river.

    1. I believe that with the Legion gone and the all possible allies with the NCR their numbers would grow or at least be focused better as to not be stretched so thin. Along with this the NCR allows free speech shown by NCR citizens and supporters complaining about how things are being run. Thing is they have the freedom to join the NCR military and even run for president of the NCR.

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